MALE Cobeco Powder Lubricant is a unique powder, which after the addition of water can be used as an intimate massage gel. Uncomplicated and easy simply everywhere.

You can make a high quality intimate lubricant out of this concentrated powder in a short time by yourself. The content of one MALE Cobeco Power Lubricant packaging (225 gram) provides 25 liters. 


How does it work


Mix the powder well with the water until it is completely dissolved. Wait about five minutes until it is thickened into an intimate massage gel. Apply a desired amount of the massage gel onto the selected body parts and spread it onto the skin. The water-based formula gives the product a light and easy spreadable texture, which is neutral to the skin. This massage gel creates a soft and comfortable feeling during use. A water-based formula like this will be largely absorbed by the skin over time, apply if desired extra massage gel during use to ensure a continuous pleasurable gliding. 
The massage gel can be easily washed off if necessary.



Sodium Polyacrylate

Male Cobeco Powder Lubricant 225g