Katsuni is hot pornstar of French and Vietnamese heritage. She just became the latest Fleshlight Girl. Katsuni is very well known porn actress. She has started her Porn career when she finished 21, starring in Penthouce pictorial. Now ILF, the fleshlight producer has prepared the new sex toy – next Fleshlight that is molded from pornstar’s pussy look – Katsuni Fleshlight. More of that, recently they launched new Fleshlight Girls Sleeve’s collection. ILF prepared unique sleeve for each girl. Katsuni is presenting totally new Lotus Garden Fleshlight sleeve. This new Katsuni Fleshlight Sleeve contains multiple inverted nodes that already exists in Lotus. But there there only one node, Lotus Garden Fleshlight Sleeve has got tons of it. Katsuni Fleshlight features skin tone color, just like the other Fleshlight Girls. Katsuni sex toy has got inside well known Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve. But the Lotus texture will be still available. Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve is well known from rest of Fleshlight Girls Collection. Lotus Fleshlight sleeve was the first sleeve produced by ILF that was providing 100% realistic vaginal intercourse sensation. Katsuni Fleshlight is made from Real Feel Super Skin patented material that imitates very delicate woman’s skin.

Katsuni Fleshlight

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