Jesse Jane is stunning blonde erotic superstar from Texas. Her career lasts three years only so Jesse Jane is a quite newbie in XXX Business. Now the time has come to be the next Fleshlight Girls Model – Jesse Jane Fleshlight. This new sex toy is decorated with Jesse Jane’s signature on it. Jesse Jane is available with two fleshlight sleeves to choose… Well known old Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve and completely new Gauntlet Fleshlight Sleeve. Recently ILF released the collection of totally new Fleshlight Girls Sleeves, unique for every girl. Gauntlet Fleshlight Sleeve is one of them. Personally I think that Jesse Jane Fleshlight has got one of the most intensive and sensational texture. Gauntlet is a sleeve where 5 old textures come in one. It is a connection of the intense lotus inverted node, than there is fang texture scratching your penis like teeth, finally the sleeve finishes into a field of STU enlarged bumps. Jesse Jane Fleshlight sleeve is made from well known Real Feel Super Skin patented material, that in 100% imitates delicate woman’s skin.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight

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